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Summer Crowdfunding Campaign FAQ

Today a notice was posted on the Ashes of Creation forums clarifying most of the concerns that members have in regards towards the Summer Crowdfunding Campaign. Below is the forum post by Community Manager Yaviey: 

Hey, everyone!

First of all, we want to thank you for your excitement as we recently launched our Summer Crowdfunding Campaign. We’re hoping that this gives those who weren’t able to before, a chance to participate, while also rewarding previous Kickstarter backers as well.

Now we also understand that there is a bit of confusion going on with how the summer campaign works and we want to clarify some points for everyone:

Previous Kickstarter Backer Accounts

  • We sent out an email on Wednesday (6/21) indicating that previous Kickstarter backers would need to sync their Kickstarter accounts with their Ashes of Creation account via their email address. Many backers voiced their concerns that they did not like this system. Therefore, we worked with our engineering team to change this. Instead of having to link your Kickstarter and Ashes accounts, your Kickstarter registered email will receive a key code representing your Kickstarter package. You will then be able to apply the code to whichever account you wish. If you do not have an account to put it on yet, you’ll still need to register on and then go to to apply your key. This key will be distributed via email within 5-8 days from today (6/23).

Previous Kickstarter Backer Upgrades

  • Once previous Kickstarter backers apply their received codes to their account via the Account page, they will then be able to go to the Summer Crowdfunding Campaign page and upgrade their pledges. The choice of pledges will be from the original Kickstarter offerings.  If you own an early bird package, you will keep that early bird value while upgrading.  For example, if you own an $80 Early Bird of the Pioneer package, and you wish to upgrade to the Founder package, you will pay the difference from $100 to $150, NOT $80 to $150.

Your Items

  • The checkout process on our site currently indicates that you can immediately download your items after purchase. This is incorrect. However, you will receive your package keys after our Summer Crowdfunding campaign has completed. We are working with our web team to try to get this messaging clarified on the site ASAP.

Backer Goals

  • We are working with our web team to put up a ticker so that you can track progress in real time on our new backer goals. We expect this to be implemented within the next few days.

Have additional questions regarding the Summer Crowdfunding Campaign, Kickstarter, etc.? Please post them here and we’ll answer them as soon as we can.

Thank you!

Ashes of Creation Community Manager – Yaviey

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