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[Update] Journal Of Ashes – Fan made audio Mini Series

I came across this fan made audio series on youtube called Journal Of Ashes and I just had to share it with you guys!

What is Journal of Ashes?

Journal of ashes is an unofficial fan made audio mini series which follows the story of a new adventurer setting out into the unknown of the Ashes of Creation Universe. Through this adventurer’s journal, you will hear about his struggles, triumphs, and development. While also learning about Ashes of creation lore, mechanics, and lexicon as its revealed by Intrepid Studios. The best part is that you the listener will choose how the adventure plays out!

Want to learn more about Journal of Ashes?

Subscribe and comment your choice on how the adventure plays out!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgjonbNQW1T039dTI8H91PA


Chapter 1 – Safe Travels & Good Luck


Chapter 2 – Quiet is the Sign


Chapter 3 – Primal Fear


Chapter 4 – Predator


Chapter 5 – No Good Deed


Chapter 6 – Hour’s Watch


Comment below how the adventurer either lives or dies

The adventurer should live
The adventurer should die


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