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    The xp in Apocalypse is horrible. This is the amount of xp i have gained per match: 381, 284, 338, 274, 480. On average that is 282.8
    I bought the legendary path, which i can see now was a huge mistake, considering that you barely get any xp for a match. To reach level 50, you have to gain 5 levels a week. Each level requires 5000 xp. That is 25000 xp pr. week. Doing all the daily’s is impossible, or almost impossible. First one, they don’t always work. I have tried several times now, that quest, didn’t reqistrate the damage i did with the weapon, when it comes to the quest. That does so i can most likely only get 1 quest done pr. day, which gives 660. To gain 25000 pr. week, i have to gain 3574 or 3575 every single day. Minus the daily and i’m left with having to gain 2911 from matches. That is about 10.3 matches pr. day, every single day for 10 weeks. Of course doing a weekly will lower this xp for a given day. But i’m my case, and i can emagine quite a bit of other players, it isn’t possible for us to do all of the weekly’s either, due to some of them also being bug, and just not possible for a player like me. Then if you miss a day, then you just have to play way more matches the other day’s as you also miss out on the xp from the daily. It is hard to also learn the game, due to the huge difference in the experience people who are matched up vs each other have. Plus then there are those who team up, even though they signed up to a single match and those who are just using an exploit. DeathsProxy has a video about the exploit. Plus i also often seem to get 1-2 shot even though i have armor on and people are able to kill from so long away, that i can’t even see them.


    So i have to do alot of grinding, to even get the stuff i purchased/unlocked. But of course, i can just spend more money, so i don’t have to grind for it. This is the same thing activision did and they got shit for doing that

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