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    Yes, that’s right! Intrepid Studios will be moving off of bbPress (the current forums) to the state-of-the-art Vanilla forums. Vanilla forums host some of the largest gaming communities in the world including EA, Oculus, Sega, and many others.

    Here is a sneak peek at how they will look:

    What else does this mean?


    In order to migrate the existing forums (yes, even your disappearing posts) to Vanilla, we need to have the current forums go down so that we can export the database and migrate that data to the new forum software.

    Here’s how it will work:

    • Tuesday, 5/30 at 10 PM PDT / 5/31 1 AM EDT / 5 AM UTC forums will be locked to any further replies (however, they will still be viewable).
    • Wednesday, 5/31 at 2PM PDT / 5PM EDT / 9PM UTC the new forums will go live (same URL).



    You’ll be able to log in with your existing username and password just like before. All of your previous posts, avatars, etc. will be there.



    Additionally, we will all get tons of new features to play with, including:

    • Advanced Profiles
    • Friends/Groups
    • Private Messages
    • Visual (WYSIWYG) Posts (no more having to code)
    • Custom Forum Badges
    • Polls
    • Q&A’s
    • Forum Gamification (earn ranks for posting, which unlock additional features/badges)
    • Self-Moderation Tools (is someone saying sandals aren’t cool? – click on the post to report it to the moderators!)
    • Auto-Save Posts (yessssss!)
    • Faster Load Times
    • Works Great on Mobile
    • Forum Tutorial



    We greatly appreciate your patience as you’ve trudged through with us on the old forums. They were great when we were starting out but now that we’re getting so big, I’m sure you will agree, these new forums will be a welcome change.

    Also, as a treat to all of you for sticking through the old forums, everyone who created a forum account up until 5/30 will receive a unique forum badge – “Survivor of Original Forums”. We will try to have the badges ready for launch on 5/31 but it may take a few days to apply to all of the accounts (there are a lot of you hehe).

    Have any questions regarding the new or old forums? Give us a shout!
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