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    Intrepid Studios recently published an in-game video showcasing how their monster coin system will look and feel. As events spawn within the world, with monsters attacking civilization, players will have the opportunity to play as these creatures with unique objectives and access to a wide diversity of monsters. Watch this Pre-Alpha footage above, to get an idea of what this will look like.


    Monster tokens are an item that enables players to play as monsters within our event system. These range from playing with your friends as a horde of zombies all the way to a massive dragon yourself! Successful players will be rewarded with unique cosmetics only. – Shunex  Forum Moderator

    • A Leader of Men (1x Epic Tier)
    • Braver of Worlds (5x Elite Tier)
    • Warrior of Old (10x Legion Tier)

    Different tiers allow for different monsters. A spider demon being a mid-tier (elite) monster and a dragon the ultimate (epic) world boss.
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