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Top Questions

  What is Ashes of Creation?

A: Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG by Intrepid Studios. Set in a backdrop of high fantasy, players will venture into a vast new world to explore and tame the wilderness.

  Will Ashes of Creation be P2W?

A: The game will not include any pay-to-win schemes

  What is the monetization model for the game?

A: The purchase model will be a monthly subscription.

  When is alpha supposed to release?

A: Friends & Family, Invite Only - Q4 of 2017 (key giveaways)
Alpha Phase 1 - 2018
Alpha Phase 2 (Consistent Alpha) - 2018

Latest Questions

  Does Kickstarter accept PayPal?

A: No, currently Kickstarter doesn’t accept PayPal. The only accepted payments are Debit/Credit cards.

  If i buy a kickstarter pledge with alpha access will i be able to play on May 1st?

A: No, access to the Kickstarter alpha is currently planned for 2018

  What is the Character Customization like?

A: If there was a game to compare it to, Intrepid Studios would say very similar to how Black Desert Online has their character customization set up. There are plans to make it more in-depth for the players, however. More information coming soon.

  What is the Combat system like?

A: It is a hybrid between Tab-target and Action Combat. The combat is going to be a combination of targeting method and positional mechanics that will dictate and determine the ability of skills to land and the efficacy of those skills. Included in the plans for combat is fluid chain attacks and animation cancels.

Classes / Race

  What are the current classes/archetypes?
  Will rogues actually be rogues or are they going to be more like assassins?
  Will all classes be able to maneuver or is it limited to the mage?
  What kind of creatures will summoners be able to summon?
  What are you guys currently planning for progression?
  Can a player select a secondary archetype the same of their first? So like, a mage primary and mage secondary class?
  What are the playable races?
  Does my race choice influence my class?

Combat System

  What's your thoughts on the current combat system?
  How is the combat going to be?
  Will there be a stealth mechanic?
  The weapons; will they just be used during abilities or will you actually be able to attack with a sword?
  Will combat be more in depth than just left clicking?
  How are death animations going to look?
  Is there collision between players?
  Are you planning a limited action set of abilities where players have to choose what's active at any given time, or will players have many action bars with many active abilities as in games like WoW and SWTOR?
  Please think about adding a "Cyclone" or a "Whirlwind".
  Will there be “group” skills?

Crafting / Artisan Class

  Is there a crafting system in AoC? If so, how will it work and how will it affect in-game income?
  Will there be a limit to how many “professions” a player can learn and gain experience for?
  Will there be any roles of value for those who aren't interest in combat? Farming/breeding/cooking. If so, will the casual non-combat player feel like his actions are worth something.

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