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Ashes of Creation – PAX WEST updates

During September 1st – 4th Intrepid studios will be live at PAX WEST in Seattle, WA. For members who cannot make it to the PAX event, they will be showing the action live on the Ashes of Creation Twitch channel.

So far there will have 18 stations configured so that attendees have the first contact with Ashes. This will include a dungeon, the growth of a node, escort a caravan, and a confrontation with a boss.

Alternatively, there will be a 4v4 Arena ready for players to test their PvP skills! Intrepid Studios will be broadcasting the game live during PAX WEST event, so if you can not make it, do not worry you’ll still be able to watch the action.

Check out their PAX cabin below! This stand is a size 50 × 50, and you will be in front of the PAX area on the main floor! Step through the divine door if you dare …

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