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Ashes of creation at PAX: DAY1

Day 1 for Intrepid Studios at Pax was a success. The lines would wrap around the Ashes of Creation booth with members hyped to try out the gameplay of ashes of creation. Intrepid Studios worked hard to deliver a great experience to the community interested in Ashes of Creation as well as those who haven’t heard of them before. The gameplay that was shown was just in 90 days of development since their Kickstarter and so far members at pax as well as the community on twitch have been loving it.  Make sure to tune in on Ashes of Creation Twitch channel to experience this weekend 9/2/2017 9-3/2017 at 3:00 PM EST – 5:00 PM EST for day 2 & 3 of Ashes of Creation live at PAX.

Here you can see some details of the UI design during the Pax event as well as the capture of the score board table of one of the arena’s captured by Ashes of Creation Spanish community 

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